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No olvides que esto no es broma, si dejas de lado tus dudas (que son las que evitan que la magia este en el aire) y lo intentas con todo tu corazon y mente... volarás!!!

Sixteen Ways to Leave Your Body

by David Earnest (eenter@aol.com)

website: Mythic Dreams

Just slip out the back, Jack. But really, I was cleaning out old junk and throwing away a ton of stuff when I found this handwritten list from about 10 years ago. I must have copied it from somewhere, but unfortunately am unable to credit the source. I hope you find it useful in conjunction with the other techniques people are discussing.


  1. Imagine a mirror image of yourself twenty feet behind you. Imagine yourself moving backwards towards it.
  2. Imagine a mirror image of yourself six feet in front of you. "Urge" yourself towards it.
  3. Try to urge yourself eighteen inches above your physical head.
  4. Imagine your astral power steaming out of the pores of your body and condensing into a double above you.
  5. Imagine yourself climbing a rope or ladder.
  6. Imagine yourself as a point of light floating on top of water in a rapidly filling tank. Your task is to exit through a tiny hole in the roof of the tank.
  7. Imagine what it feels like to breathe through your ears.
  8. Sit erect, with closed eyes, and imagine a horizontal bar above your line of sight. Urge yourself up to see over it. Hold your breath in when you get a sensation of rising.
  9. Tighten the muscles in your hands and feet and contract your stomach muscles and imagine yourself falling.
  10. Imagine yourself revolving around on tiptoe and then springing off at a tangent.
  11. Imagine a whirlpool. Feel yourself being sucked down through the vortex. Try for a sensation of contraction, then expansion.
  12. Imagine a twirling star hanging in space.
  13. Visualize a spinning disk, and then distend its center so that it grows into a three-dimensional rotating cone or vortex, like a waterspout. Now resolve it back into a disk again. Feel yourself entering the vortex.
  14. Imagine yourself carried along on the crest of a wave.
  15. Imagine a point of light two feet in front of your throat. Feel it slowly approach. When it reaches you, imagine yourself blending with it and becoming that point of light.
  16. Seat yourself in a comfortable chair four feet away from a mirror. Staring at your mirror image, repeat your name over and over until it becomes a series of meaningless sounds. Now pretend the person in the mirror is the "real" you.


David Earnest
(800) 549-2880